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In the beginning.....

Well, where do I start with this???

It's funny. You sit down because you think you've got it all worked out in your head what you're gonna say, then you look at the screen, your fingers hover over the keys and then...........................nothing. Your mind goes completely blank.
That's what happened with me. I sat down to write this blog about the photos I've been taking and here I am talking about how hard it is to get that opening line so the rest of the blog can flow on.

Ok, let's start again.
I guess the easiest thing is to start at the beginning. I first found my love of photography when I was in year 12 at college. I needed another class so I could be a full-time student so I thought why not do photography. A couple of friends of mine had done it and they said it was awesome. Best bludge class ever. So I thought why not give it a go?
From the moment I held that Pentax camera in my hands, to the first time I pressed the shutter button to take my first picture, I knew I'd found my passion.
There was just something about knowing what I see through that viewfinder I can then look at 50 years down the track and think "yeah I remember that".
I loved walking around town at various points of the day, looking at buildings, people, vehicles etc and trying to think outside the box as to how I could get a unique shot, compared to everyone else. Probably my favourite time of the day was late afternoon just as the sun started to set and the city would be bathed in the most beautiful orange light.
I loved going into the darkroom to develop my pictures. The smell of the chemicals, the red lights that lit up the room, being in control of how long the negative was exposed on the paper for, putting the paper in the chemicals and just having this image appear out of nowhere, then showing the final product to the teacher to be told "That is amazing". Nothing really compares to that.

That was 2008.
I didn't really do much photography in 2009. I had a trip to Darwin in May for my sport and had a little compact camera that I took, but the photos that produced were SHITHOUSE!!!
They were blurry, they were dark and they were just generally SHIT! So I figured if I'm gonna be going on more trips like this, then I want to remember them and for that I need a half-decent camera. So with another trip to New Caledonia coming up in December, I decided to do something about it.
So I went to a camera store. The salesman there could not have been more helpful. I must have been in there talking to him for over half an hour whilst he went through all the cameras that would be suitable for what I wanted to use it for. The one camera he kept coming back to though was the Canon EOS 50D. He took it out of the display case for me to have a hold and have a look through the viewfinder and it felt so comfortable in my hands and LIGHT! I couldn't believe how light it was even with the lens attached. So that's what I ended up purchasing. I got the "Enthusiasts Kit" which was the camera body and a 17-85mm lens. About a month after I bought the camera I decided to buy another lens. After taking to a person at another photography store I purchased a 55-250mm lens. And now a few days ago I bought a Canon 430EX II speedlite (which I think I've just figured out how to use it properly).

So, that's how I got into photography and the camera I now currently use. I've been walking around Hobart taking pics and using Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 to edit them. See my other blogs for the photos.